This year the Antique Tractor Pull is being held on Saturday July 22 and Sunday July 23, 2023.

Tractor Pull enthusiasts from several communities gather to test both their driving skills and their tractor’s pulling capabilities.

If you’re interested in competing, bring your tractor to the weigh in. Tractors made before 1960 are accepted.
Registration and weigh in will be on Saturday July 22 at noon.

The tractor pull starts at 1:00 pm on Saturday and will continue Sunday starting at noon.

We are having TWO categories for the competitors and their tractors in addition to the tractors being separated into their respective weight classes.

First category is “A1” or Antique Stock. This means the tractors are all original stock condition with no modifications or additional components.

Second category is “AO” or Antique Open. This means the tractors have modifications made to the engine or electrical components added. 

The registration fee is $20 per class for both days of the tractor pull.
The weight classes are as follows:

3000-4000 lbs
4000-5000 lbs
5000-6000 lbs
6000-7000 lbs
7000-8000 lbs 
8000-9000 lbs 
9000-10,000 lbs 
10,000 lbs and over