Agricultural Societies have existed across rural Canada since 1917.
Traditionally Agricultural Societies across the country have supported improvements in rural living, provided leadership in sustaining the social structure of rural communities, and provided educational opportunities in agriculture.
The Arborg & District Agricultural Society was established in 1924 and is celebrating its 90th anniversary in 2014. The Arborg Ag society has always played a big role in the community. There are many examples of this documented in the Arborg History Book ‘A Century Unfolds – History of the Arborg & District’.

In past years our Ag Society had played a significant role in organizing the Arborg Fair.
Many of us remember the old Arborg Hall and the extensive displays and competitions that were held annually. Offerings of baking, fresh vegetables, homemade jams, school projects, and crafts were amazing. We waited with anticipation to see who the winners were and examined the entries to see what ideas we could take home with us.

The traditional role for women in many rural Canadian towns was to marry after graduation and have children. We were expected to grow vegetable gardens and had beautiful flower displays around our homes. We were taught to cook, sew, preserve garden produce, and fruit we picked ourselves. We created fine needle crafts and warm quilts. We looked forward to growing that huge cabbage or perfectly shaped gladiola and competing against our neighbors for the elusive red ribbon at the Arborg Fair. Many of the skills that were traditionally learnt out of necessity for survival have now become our hobbies. 
Rodeo skills were necessary to run a farm.

Rural living has changed, family farms are the exception, no longer the rule. The small family farm can no longer support a family and most farmers including both spouses work off the farm. In fact, manufacturing has become the engine of our local rural economy.

The Arborg Ag Society exists to provide an opportunity and venue for exhibition, education, and competition. It also allows us to connect and celebrate with our community. For
Information about the 90th anniversary celebrations, or if you would like to become involved with the Arborg Ag Society,
visit our Facebook page.

New site at Silver Community Centre 4 miles south of Arborg on # highway and east at 125N