Asham Middle Stompers

The Stompers Mission is to help re-capture and preserve the history of the Métis people through the traditional dancing of the Red River jig.
To have FUN and enjoy the richness of the Métis tradition through the Red River Jig combined with square dancing which has been done in the First Nations Communities for so many years aptly named the Red River Dance.
Our Group Members are half Metis and half First nations.
Our Purpose is to help bring hope to our children in our Aboriginal Communities by taking something right out of the community (The Fiddle and Jig) to the World Stage Successfully and independently. The Fiddle and Red River Jig have a long history in our communities and the rest of the World is embracing it. The Stompers receive standing ovations wherever they perform and it is not about the Stompers, it is about the dance which has been passed down by our ancestors. We now plan to pass the Jig on to our youth and therefore have youth in our group at almost every performance.

Manitoba Highland Dancers Association

Their goal is striving to bring the Culture and Heritage of Scottish Dance to the People of Manitoba.
The MHDA has been constituted and formed to:
1. Promote the Scottish Culture in Manitoba through the medium of dance.
2. Preserve Highland Dancing in Manitoba.
3. Encourage the provision for opportunities in the development of skills and technical competence in the field of Highland Dancing.

2016 Rodeo Photo Contest

Age Groups: 7-10 yrs, 11-17 yrs and 18+
All entries must be 8x10 (Please no frames/margins are ok)
Maximum 3 pictures/person/category (name, age and ph. number on back of picture)
Entry Deadline: July 14th, 2016  Judging: July 15th, 2016
Photo Pickup: Sunday July 17th, 2016 Silver Hall
Questions: Nadine Gislason @ (204) 376-3612


Up close & Personal (close-ups and zoomed-in)
Family Fun (vacations, rodeos, etc…)
Farm Machinery (tractors, combines, plows, etc..)

Drop Off Points: Arborg - Ganica Design
            Riverton - Fringe Hair Studio
            Gimli - Splash Printing

Antique tractor pull

Join us at the Arborg Fair & Rodeo for the 2015 Antique Tractor Pull!

Tractor Pulling is basically what it sounds like: antique tractors, built in 1960 or earlier (stock not modified), pulling a weighted sled as far as they can on a designated track. The tractor that pulls the furthest distance wins the class in which their entered.

The pull is run by weight classes starting at 3000 - 4000lbs, going in 1000lb increments up to 10,000+ class.

Contestants may weight up and go in to the next class if they choose, paying an entry fee of $10 per weight class entered.

Arborg Livestock Supplies together with Petkau Repair and Nemco Oil are sponsoring oil, grease and antifreeze as prizes for first, second and third prize for each class. Enns Bros. will supply the pull back tractor.

2014 Arborg Fair & Rodeo brought approximately 62 tractors to the pull and this year we expect to see close to 100! Come out to participate or just enjoy the show. The sport is growing in both participants and spectators - come out to see and hear these old dinosaurs roar!!